Filling conveying system


I. The function of the equipment system - to achieve "four

    The transport of fillings has always been a problem and a challenge in the production process. At present, the vast majority of domestic manufacturers are using manual production methods. This mode of production makes it difficult to guarantee the hygiene of the production process, the quality of the product and the production output. It is not only labour-intensive, labour-intensive, inefficient and costly, but also constantly polluted and cannot adapt to the hygiene and quality requirements of modern food industry production. Our Beijing first through the patented product - parallel pump - Twinsman - core unit, the composition of the filling conveying system, to achieve the material conveying "four" --- pipe --- sanitation --- continuous --- intelligent --- to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs.


Continuous transport in a closed pipeline system improves the hygiene level of the production chain and increases the efficiency of transport, reduces labour intensity, saves labour and lowers production costs.


The open production mode of containers, trolley transport and manual handling, and the backward and passive production process with serious pollution are completely changed, saving production materials, speeding up production, shortening production time, reducing waste emissions and significantly reducing production costs.


The continuous transport of materials through sealed pipes is easily achieved, completely changing the current traditional manual container trolley pushing and transporting production process and greatly improving production efficiency.


One pump can easily feed multiple machines at the same time and automatically; through the PLC programming system, combined with the sensing-measuring-control-means, linked with the terminal equipment (such as pill-making machines, filling machines, packaging machines, weighing equipment, etc.) to ensure the automatic operation of the equipment, to achieve the intelligence of the production process.

II. Principle of filling conveying system design.

The company's patented parallel pump - Twinsman - parallel displacement conveying system, combined with the material recovery system - Rocketman, PLC programming automatic control system, to achieve the automation of the production system, modular, improve production hygiene, the whole system inside not only no dead space, while greatly improving production efficiency, reduce production The whole system is not only free of dead space, but also greatly improves production efficiency and reduces costs. Thanks to the special design and compact construction of the Twinsman parallel pump, it is easy to provide a smooth, continuous, gentle and high-pressure output of high viscosity, high particle content materials; the parallel pump is also perfect for conveying low viscosity materials and is very good for conveying materials containing particles; the parallel pump can be in forward, reverse or dry rotation; the Rocketman ---- material recovery system The system not only recycles 99% of the material in the pipeline, but also significantly reduces cleaning time, cleaning fluid usage and waste liquid discharge, thus significantly reducing CIP costs; PLC intelligent programming system, combined with pressure, flow, level, weight sensors and other electronic components, through the programming of automatic control, easy to achieve multi-point, centralised, system and distributed control. Firstman's filling conveying systems are a quantum leap forward in terms of system functionality by combining these modern, intelligent and advanced components. Conveying of materials.


III. System process flow Depending on the actual production needs and process requirements, there can be a variety of different production processes and system methods. The diagram below shows a typical model for a multi-purpose, centralised supply, distribution and use, system control.

IV. Main advantages of the filling conveying system

Enables the closed conveying of materials through pipes, ensuring a hygienic and orderly production process, greatly reducing the risk of contamination of the product during the production process

Improved hygienic quality of the production process, ensuring product safety

Innovative production process, continuous production and improved production efficiency

Improved hygiene and product safety in the production process

One pump feeds multiple machines, increasing production capacity, improving production efficiency and reducing unit costs

Reduced waste of production materials and lower production costs

Reduced waste discharge, shorter batch production time and lower production costs

Reduced labour intensity, labour savings and increased production efficiency

Reduced cleaning time and downtime, reducing costs

V. Application of the filling conveying system

Firstman's filling conveying systems are particularly suitable for the piping of various meat purees, meatballs, fishballs, meat fillings, various dumpling fillings, mooncake fillings, lantern fillings, various thick sauces, such as peanut butter, ketchup, chocolate, honey, syrup, butter, various paste materials, etc., to achieve automatic conveying, continuous conveying, hygiene, safety, efficiency, reduce production costs, reduce labour intensity, save It has a broad application prospect.


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