Dust-free discharge system


In the food and pharmaceutical industry, the dust problem has always been a big problem plaguing the production of enterprises. The traditional feeding has large dust, much waste of raw materials, heavy pollution, poor environment, heavy handling, adverse to environmental protection and the health of workshop operators. Beijing First has been advocating dust-free production in the workshop of food and pharmaceutical factories. After years of efforts, we have found effective solutions.


Dust is mainly produced at the first and last ends of the equipment. Now, the sealing property of the equipment can realize the production without leakage. However, because the food and pharmaceutical equipment are produced by different manufacturers, the connection link between the equipment is basically ignored.

Firstman uses a dust-free feeder combined with Shearman high efficiency online mixer to seal the feed and discharge ports and seal the entire production process. The upper part of the feeding chamber is equipped with a number of sets of powerful and efficient "dust capture adsorption system", which is the key and core component of dust capture and adsorption: they are composed of a multilayer 5μstainless steel mesh sintered mesh plate filter, to ensure the interception of particles and dust above 1μ. Through the regular "back blowing" function, and can timely adsorbed and captured dust "spit" out, as raw materials, directly into the production system; The mesh plate filter formed by 316L stainless steel mesh sintering, and can be cleaned, dried, activated and repeatedly used, normal can be guaranteed to use more than 500 times, to ensure that the equipment system has a very low maintenance cost.


In this way, fundamentally control the source of dust, achieve dust-free production process, effective control of workshop dust, make it in the feeding process, whether powder raw materials or solid particles and other dry materials, has the advantages of nearly zero dust feeding, operation, high efficiency, simple operation and so on.


Equipment system Features

1. Plate and frame filter

2. Multi-layer sintered filter screen -- efficient interception

3.5 U aperture, effectively intercept 3000 mesh particles

4. Uninterrupted intermittent automatic blowback

5. The filter screen can be used repeatedly

Designed and manufactured according to FDA, EHEDG and cGMP specifications, gas-material separation and filtration technology. Avoid material waste, overall sealing, no cross contamination, clean workshop